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Blue Onion China

Antique China made in the early nineteenth century are valuable collectible items today. Meissen Onion China is the result of continuous efforts by Germans to copy the perfect porcelain pieces of the Chinese. After experiments with glass, these Germans successfully created porcelain and proceeded to enamel them with outstanding designs. Zwiebelmuster China the new German china - was declared public domain, allowing the production of new variations like Meissen Blue Onion Plate, Meissen Blue Onion Teapot and Meissen Blue Onion Reticulated.

Meissen Blue Onion Dinnerware has the charming ability to create graceful setting has only improved as production techniques improved. The variety of different designs allow for the same pieces to give a different atmosphere. By simply rearranging the set while using different colors in the back ground, you can change the room`s feeling. If you would rather change sets than rooms, Meissen Onion Porcelain sets come in a range of colors to oblige almost any taste.

Meissen Blue Onion China is named after a white colored ware patterned with blue designs. There are also Meissen china sporting dark green, black and strawberry pink patterns which aren`t as common as the cobalt blue. The red patterned china is the rarest of Meissen blue china. Meissen Onion Blue China series either boast floral themes or are adorned with symmetrical drawings.

Truly unique Meissen pieces from the last few centuries are displayed in great museums for others to marvel at their splendor. The displayed sets are privately owned antiques and certainly not directly accessible for us to try out. However, there are similar collections available for us to enjoy the luxuries of the antiques original owners. Meissen Onion China series will ensure that the sophistication of refined dinnerware continue to endure.